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Your at-home yoga studio

Hey all!

I've been anxiously preparing for next week's launch of online classes for xenthay yoga. That preparation has included a small remodel of an extra room in our home. I am incredibly grateful to have a husband who can do all the mechanical and construction things. Seriously, he rebuilt the engine in my car last year. This year he is making my dreams come true by creating a one-room studio for xenthay yoga's online class platform! With this is in mind, I thought it might be helpful to share some tips in creating your own space for your yoga practice.

Whether you are following an online class or doing yoga on your own, a designated space is key to following through and maintaining a consistent practice. Let me start by noting that space is a privilege that not all can afford. Particularly if you are looking to create the serene space often depicted in yoga media. Up until today, I have used a closet, a corner of my living room, and most recently, the foot of my bed. Your serenity is not just found in spaces of pristine aesthetic beauty. After continuous practice, I’ve noticed the energy of the space changes. The quality of the space changes with the energetic work we do on our mats.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for creating your space:

1. Make it, at minimum, kinda private. Walk around your home and see if you have an underused area that you might be able to repurpose just for your practice.

2. Keep it clean – The literal practice of saucha, make sure your space is free of clutter and your mat can be rolled out at any moment.

3. An item personal to you that helps you center. This could be anything, like a candle, keepsake, a flower, scent, or spiritual element.

The rest is all you. Your space will evolve as does your practice. Perfection is not necessary, but attendance is required.

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